Thursday, December 22, 2016

Winter 2016 Very Small Paintings Created to Celebrate the BOXX Gallery's One Year Anniversary...

Kleenex Box

Dancing Sisters Box

Disco Angel Box

Tropical Vacation Box

Green Box

Fireworks Box

Washing Machine Box

Toaster Box

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  1. Hi Janice-so good to hear from you this morning. I have checked your blog from time to time and am fascinated and inspired by your aesthetic. The pieces shown her are really lovely. I love the box as a form and your use of transparency and color is really striking. I'm glad to hear you've settled into your new home and community. I checked out the BOXX website and love the whole idea. Grass roots, community based connection and support are going to be more important than ever over the next few years. I have been living in Ann Arbor, MI for the past 3 1/2 years and have a home studio. I am teaching 1 encaustic class a week at the Ann Arbor Art Center but am mainly working with oil paint and cold wax medium in my new work. I was working larger and larger but had a bunch of end piece scraps left from a public installation project and decided to go tiny and create 9 piece series of micro art to challenge myself and to focus on color and composition is a new way. I also did a residency at The Vermont Studio Center last may and re-read your posts about going there before I went...i really took a lot away from that experience. Well, as you can see I'm still a rambler! I need to get going on holiday prep but keep in touch :) Happy holidays and warm wishes for a new year full of love and light.